Characteristics of Authentic Murano Glass Products

It takes a keen eye, meticulous research, and years of expertise to identify authentic Murano glass. The number of fake products makes it difficult to be 100% sure. There’s no universal marking system, which means you have to learn it on your own.

Luckily, you’re at the right place. We, at MuranoNet, have been working directly with glass masters and furnaces since 1997. (MuranoNet has been active online since 1997 and is the result of an experience handed down since 1955.) As glass experts in the industry, we’re here to guide you through the process of finding authentic Murano glass products.

Characteristics of Authentic Murano Glass

Murano glass products have a unique style. They are handmade and each of them is performed with techniques that sometimes have a centuries-old history. Original pieces are all made by glass masters in Murano Island, so anyone claiming otherwise is a scam. The tools used by artisans were designed originally in the Middles Ages. Here’s how you can tell an original Murano glass product from a counterfeit.

Unique Traits

Each Murano glass item has a unique trait. They’re mouth-blown or hand-blown. We’ve listed some identifiable traits to save you from fraud:

  1. Small imperfections like bubbles due to layers of colors.
  2. Glass masters don’t use lead in creating glass, which means even a clear glass won’t be crystal clear.
  3. For the classic blown pieces pontil mark is evident in hand-blown glass. It’s a kind of unsmooth scar at the bottom.
  4. Bold and layered colors.
  5. Precious metals like silver and real gold are often used in the products.
  6. Original glass is expensive due to precious metals.

Glass Marks

Despite the aforementioned traits, remember not all original Murano glass products have an identifying mark. Murano glass factories and individual artists decide how they want to mark their pieces. Even if you find a label or glass marking, it doesn’t qualify for an authentic Murano glass piece.

Glass Labels

An original Murano glass product will have the label on the piece. A typical label includes the signature of the artisan and the name of the workshop. However, fake labels are also prominent and counterfeiters can make them look genuine. Here’s more on identifying the original label:

  1. It should indicate the product was manufactured in Murano.
  2. Some labels may include handwritten furnace numbers to indicate where the product was made.
  3. It may include the logo and name of the artist.
  4. Labels indicating “Murano-style” are probably unauthentic.

Glass Signatures

Some artisans also etch their signature on the glass. Although it’s not standard, it is one of the practices in glassmaking. However, most glass masters have Italian names, which makes identifying signatures difficult. Use the internet to find out whether the name matches a glass master in Murano.


Home décor item

You can also get a certificate of authenticity with every product. It includes Italian text and the origin of the product. At MuranoNet, we offer traceable and guaranteed certificates of authenticity for each product. Explore our catalog to buy Murano glass, glass vases, large glass pendant lights, and other décor items online. Contact us for further queries.