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Multicolored vase with inclusion of avventurina


  • Width: 17cm - 6.69"
  • Height: 29cm - 11.42"
  • Depth: 17cm - 6.69"
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Very rare vase, anfosa shaped made by master Vittorio Ferro in the Fratelli Pagnin atelier.
A very limited series of these vases were made between 2000 and 2010.
This performance can very difficult to repeat with this level of beauty, especially note the quality and the quantity of the aventurine tiles used and the skill in combining them.
This vase stands out for the black finish of the top that gives it charm.
Usually you can find objects of modest lotus size, this series of vases represents a great and refined experiment, which opens the doors to new possibilities in the use of a fascinating and unpredictable material such as aventurine.

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