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Murano glass lamp with silver leaf, cannas, murrinas.


  • Width: 14cm - 5.51"
  • Height: 18cm - 7.09"
  • Depth: 14cm - 5.51"
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Murano glass lamp with silver leaf, cannas, murrinas.
The beauty of this mouth blown glass Lamp comes from the number and complexity of techniques used for its creation. On the bottom, the colours are enriched by ivory glass powder, added when the vase is still melting hot. The inclusion of a silver leaf - that shatters during the mouth blowing process - creates some mesmerizing light reflections. The murrinas - created with the a lume technique - and the cannas are added to make this vase even more precious and unique.
Designed and handmade by the maestro Damiano Ragazzi in Venice, using the ancient Murano glass knowledge.

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