Murano glass owl

Good things cost a fortune. Luxury glass art is a thing of beauty that isn’t for all. As expensive as Murano glass can be, it’s worth it. Considered a luxury, Venetian art remains a generational art of glassmaking that is worth holding onto.

Despite its cost, people worldwide admire and own Murano art pieces because they’re indicative of centuries-old techniques of hand-blowing. Artisans work in front of furnaces for hours and days, sometimes weeks, to create unique pieces.

Is Murano Glass A Collectible?

Yes! It’s one of the highly sought-after and collected pieces of art worldwide. Royal families and elite glass own at least one of the pieces. Rich families in Italy have at least one of the Murano glass objects in their office or home.

It is a sign of authenticity, luxury, and unique art of glassmaking that hasn’t changed in generations. Hence, it makes collecting Murano glass a collectible. If you’re one of the enthusiast collectors of art, buy Murano glass online at our store to increase the value of your collection.

Common Murano Glass Collectibles

Although almost every Murano glass object can be named a collectible, some of the products are specifically designed for this purpose. We have curated a list of the most sought-after Murano glass collectibles that you can preserve as luxury pieces to adorn your collection. These pieces will serve as a reminder of your good ol’ days in the beautiful city of Venice.

Decorative Glass Objects

Any collection is incomplete without glass objects. Decorative glass objects are the heart of luxury collections. There’s a variety of objects to choose from and collect. We advise picking a particular artist or a theme so that your glass collection looks exquisite. Decorative glass objects may include paper presses, miniature glass animals, and other objects. These pieces can create a collection worth bragging about!

Picture Frames

A collectible picture frame serves two purposes: 1) set a reminder of memories or 2) be part of a collection. Murano glass picture frames have a typical Venetian glassmaking essence to them. This makes designing a wall of your favorite photos worth it. Alternatively, you can get picture frames of different shapes and sizes to hang on the wall or your side table without needing to hang photos on it. These frames look equally exquisite without a photo.

Glass Clocks

Time is money, so you better spend it on the good stuff. Murano glass clocks have a different set of tones. Why stick to traditional clocks when you pick glass clocks? These objects make a perfect home décor ornament and collectible. Their distinct colors and shapes are what make them famous in the world of art collectors.

Blown Goblets

Another timeless piece, the blown goblet, is versatile in color, shape, and size. They’re hand-blown by glass masters in Italy. You can use these goblets as a drinking glass or display them as part of your collection.

Engraved Murano glass goblet

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