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If you have ever bought a Murano glass art piece, you’d know that it is an expensive piece of art. Hence, it’s highly valued and sought-after. Enthusiast collectors love buying miniature art pieces, décor items, and Murano glass lights because of their high value.

But what makes Murano glass so valuable? Why has it inspired so many artists around the world? And how did this popularity reach across the world?

Let’s figure it out.

Yes, Murano Glass is Valuable.

Most good things in life are expensive. Especially luxury items come with a price. Murano glass is indubitably one of them. Here’s why Murano glass is worth collecting:

Excellent Artwork

The Muranese people followed a unique technique of glassblowing, using their hands and mouth to blow the glass. The craft is a well-kept secret, and the people of Murano have taught the technique generation after generation so that the quality and craft remain the same.

This is one of the reasons Murano glass items are highly valued because the technique hasn’t changed. This means when you own a Murano glass product, you own a piece of rich history with you.

Glass masters use valued and rarest glassmaking techniques to create Murano glass items. For instance, heating, twisting, and stretching glass canes to create lace-like elaborate designs. Millefiori is one of the other unique techniques where the artisans design and infuse tiny glass panes inside to create a quilt-like pattern.

Precious Metals

Many glass masters use precious metals like gold and silver in their products. This further increases the value of Murano artifacts. For instance, glass masters use gold or silver in Murano glass jewelry, chandeliers, and other collectible items.

Unique Style

Every Murano piece is unique. It requires extensive skill and nuanced detailing to create a Murano glass item. Hence, even the glass master cannot create exact copies of their previous creation. This makes every piece unique, so you essentially own a rare artifact.

Additionally, each product is hand-made and folded to perfection. Hence, the pieces aren’t cheap unless you buy a counterfeit product. Authentic Murano glass items are expensive because they’re hand- and mouth-blown by skilled and experienced Muranese glass masters.

Ancient Art

Although Murano glass items are continually produced, some antique items date back to the 16th century. These items pay homage to old Venice and are displayed in the museum. You can find antique marketplaces that sell rare Murano collectibles.

Inspire Creativity

One of the amazing features of Murano glass is that it inspires other artists. The artwork and technique pop up in works of art. Many American artists have a hint of the Muranese technique in their artwork. This again indicates how valued and influential Murano glass is.

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