Murano cufflinks

With jewellery, we can express ourselves more deeply, relive key times in our lives, and relive memories that we will cherish forever. Unique Murano glass jewels are handcrafted by the most talented glassworkers in the world. That's why it's impossible to predict how each piece will look because of its individuality.

As a result, Murano glass jewellery is also suitable for men and drastically enhances their look. There's nothing women love more than a man who can carry his jewels well. Let's look at some Murano glass jewellery that men can also wear.

1. Santorini Bracelet

A bracelet made of Murano glass is a perfect present for a stylish man. It's a stunning design that'll make your wrist sparkle. With this one-of-a-kind design, you'll shine like a diamond. This bracelet has a nylon core that can be adjusted to fit your wrist. Murano glass methods were used to design and create Antonio Vaccari's work in Venice.

2. Round Cufflinks

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of the design; each piece has been enhanced by the addition of molten gold powder to its glass. Sparkling beauty that will not go overlooked is the consequence. These come in six colours.

Colourful cufflinks

1. Squared Cufflinks

Are you hunting for jewels for the man in your life? Cufflinks in bright glass beads would make a lovely addition to any formal wardrobe. These glass cufflinks, crafted by Venetian artists using historic and rare processes, carried down through generations, are a modern version of classic style with exclusive colour fusions and distinctive stylistic adaptation.

The historical processes of Murano glassmaking are used by a selected Venetian supplier only for MuranoVitrum's products. Measurements may vary somewhat due to the nature of each item being manufactured to order.

2. Murrina keychain

A stylish rectangular keychain such as the Murrina keychain is also Murano jewellery that men can wear. Intricate patterns of murrine are applied to the glass, which is held together by two gleaming metal bands.

Black and white, Millefiori, and red spots are the three colourways offered for the keychain. Each item is manufactured by hand, and it will be somewhat different due to its uniqueness. Using traditional Murano glassmaking methods, Ragazzi & Co. creates each piece in their atelier.

MuranoNet Has The Perfect Jewellery For Men

Murano Glass is our speciality, and we've been working in this field for more than 50 years. To guarantee the authenticity of our Murano Glass products, we provide each of them with a certificate from the glassblowers of Murano, Italy. We have more than two thousand products on our website for people to choose from.

Our wide range of products includes decorative glass sculptures, large crystal  chandeliers for high ceilings, a big flower vase for the living room, and a lot more.

Contact us and get the best Murano jewellery for that special man in your life.

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