Elisabetta Toninato
Elisabetta Toninato was born in Venice in 1966.
From a very young age she fell in love with Murano glass necklaces. This attraction led her to get closer and closer to this magical world, first as a saleswoman, then as a consultant, and finally as a designer for the most prestigious stores in Murano and Venice.
Thirty years of contact with the "perlere" (this is the name given to the artisans who shape pearls from raw glass) have led Elisabetta to be one of the greatest connoisseurs of pearls both contemporary and also those of times past.
Was there still something that could be improved after all these centuries of tradition? Of course there was, observing the current situation Elisabetta realized that often in order to maximize profits many even prestigious brands gave little importance to the quality of the minutiae (loops, hooks, threads and whatnot)
So in a natural way, simply combining her own taste with all the tricks and secrets learned from the various ateliers, and adding a deep collaboration with all the artisans involved, Elisabetta gave birth to her own atelier. One-of-a-kind pieces sometimes presented in a few numbered pieces, and each the result of unsparing study and compromise.
The most distinctive feature is the marriage of Murano glass and different materials sometimes unexpected that generates refined and unrepeatable results.

face à face



ce qu'il reste


grande soirée


sous la lune






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