How To Get Murano Glass Online? A Guide For First-Time Buyers

Buying Murano Glass online for the first time can be quite daunting. However, this daunting task is made easier when certain things are taken into consideration. So, how can someone identify authentic Murano glass? First of all, you can only get authentic Murano Glass from the little island of Murano off the coast of Venice. It stands out thanks to its vivid hues and unconventional shapes.

In order to identify the genuineness of a piece of Murano Glass, you must examine its hues, flaws, labels, shop's reputation, and seller's expertise in the field. On that note, follow these guidelines, and you'll be able to identify authentic Murano Glass in no time.

1. Use Of Rich Colors

The artists of Murano, Italy, paint the glassware using a wide variety of minerals. Transparent glass obtains its colour from the molten minerals that produce it, like cobalt for blue, gold for red, iron for green, or manganese for pink, as the lump of glass is heated. The Sommerso method, in which colours are layered upon one another, is widely applied.

In addition, the artists frequently incorporate small sheets of silver or gold into the glass mass, resulting in a coating of silver or gold sparkles within the glass. Millefiori, also termed Murrina, is a historic Roman glassworking method that produces the effect of a colourful patchwork quilt made from mosaic-like pieces.

2. Unique Designs & Shapes

Experts in the field of Murano glassmaking don't rely on precise measurements or mechanical aids to achieve the flawless shine and geometric precision that characterise their work. Because of this, it's not uncommon for finished Murano Glass to appear moderately asymmetrical, having bottoms that bear fairly harsh pontil traces from where the glassware was pulled off the rod and even the occasional bubble preserved within.

There may be slight discrepancies between two identical goods in terms of form, size, colouration, or pattern. This is the result of a time-consuming and labour-intensive procedure that hasn't changed much over the centuries, requiring just simple hand tools and the passion of the craftsmen who continue to employ the same methods used by their forefathers.

3. Murano Glass Expertise

Talk with the vendor or get in touch with them through e-mail, online, or the telephone if you need help deciding whether or not to make the purchase. You can challenge them on their knowledge of Murano or Venice while learning more about the artwork, its craftsmanship, as well as the glassmaking processes.

When buying Murano Glass online, be wary of vendors who seem uninformed or who can't provide detailed descriptions of the pieces they sell. If the shop is forthcoming about where it gets its merchandise from, welcomes your inquiries, and provides detailed descriptions of the pieces and the methods used to create them, it's probably selling authentic, handmade Murano Glass.


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