Maître verrier chez Aureliano Toso dans les années 50, il a réalisé plusieurs objets dessinés par le peintre Dino Martens.

  • Ulisse
    Jul 24, 2023 at 16:57

    My father Silvano Simioni worked with Livio Seguso and for Aureliano Toso was the maester team who realize the Pablo Picasso heads. Together with Maester Polo, Mario Badioli was the descover of a tecnic called “picassiana” still in use here in murano and in my aet shop. He realize a squid in lattimo glass which is conserved at the glass museum if Murano. Anoyher tecnic of works used from him was the “Oriente” glass. He produced a lot of vase, plate, cups with tbis particulars colors.

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