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Sleek black clock with murrine


  • Height: 28cm - 11.02"
  • Width: 12cm - 4.72"
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An essential and elegant design for a sleek black Murano glass clock consisting in a main glass part in black and a central one with colourful murrine. Their combination is always different according to the artist's decision, so that each clock is a unique masterpiece, suitable for modern and classical interiors.

A we make this clock on request you can ask to choose the colour of the murrinas in the middle.

It has been created using the ancient Vetrofusione technique, which consists in the composition of a multicolor glass slab, obtained by fusing together different colored glass tesserae or sections of polychrome rods, even rosetta rods. The composition, placed on a refractory clay mold, can therefore be baked. Once cooled in 24 hours, the slab is finished with the grinding wheel and made rough on the surface.

Handmade in Murano by using the ancient Murano glass techniques.
Slight variations in measurements or small defects are to be considered as evidence of craftsmanship, and as evidence of uniqueness of each single piece.

Get more information about Vetrofusione in Unfold Venice

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