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SKU: CL00979xx

Abstract Murano glass sculpture inspired by a blossoming flower

Color: black, with grey veins


  • Height: 28cm - 11.02"
  • Width: 24cm - 9.45"
  • Depth: 24cm - 9.45"
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A piece of unique beauty, this Murano glass sculpture is made with iridescent sbruffi. An hommage to the siderale technique used by Alfredo Barbini in many of his works.
The forms - shaped by the skillful hands of the artist - have been inspired by the magic of a flower opening the petals to reveal its beauty.

Designed by Giovanni Angi and handmade in Murano by Alessandro Barbaro for MuranoVitrum.
The sculpture is hand-made: each one is unique and different from the others, and can be considered almost as a one-off.

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