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SKU: LMCK0010xx

Box of 6 pastries in Murano glass. The pastries are 4x4x2cm (1.6x1.6x0.8in) each.


  • Height: 35cm - 13.78"
  • Width: 15cm - 5.91"
  • Depth: 15cm - 5.91"
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Box of 6 pastries in Murano glass.
These pastries are so reaistic and perfect in every small detail that you can almost smell their sweet scent! But in reality...They have been handmade using Murano glass and the a lume technique.
Perfect as collectibles, as small gifts, or as placeholders.
Each box contains 6 pastries randomly chosen. Write to our customer care if you would like a picture of the available colours.
Handmade for MuranoVitrum by a selected supplier in Murano, using the ancient Muranese techniques. The cupcakes are 4x4x2cm (1.6x1.6x0.8in) each.

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