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Fabio Tagliapietra's homage to Pablo Picasso. In this interpretation of the Greek mithology you can see Medusa


  • Height: 35cm - 13.78"
  • Width: 30cm - 11.81"
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From Fabio Tagliapietra an homage to Pablo Picasso with a series of sculptures consisting of different heads that recall the revolutionary work of the leading exponent of Cubism.
Tagliapietra’s skills with Murano glass techniques are clearly visible in this example of fine art. The face is made in vetro massello while hot glass is later applied for the decorations. It’s the “applicazione a caldo” technique: details such as eyes, hair, eyebrows are added during the process while the main body and the parts that need to be put together are incandescent.
In this interpretation of the Greek mithology you can see Medusa, the monster with the face of a hideous woman with living snakes in place of hair: gazing directly into her eyes would turn overlookers to stone.
Handmade by Fabio Tagliapietra in Murano, using the traditional techniques. Small variations in colours and details are to be considered as a proof of this craftmanship.

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