È nato nel 1924 a Milano. Conosciuto come Grasso (tradotto: "grasso").

Mario Tosi iniziò a lavorare fin da giovanissimo alle Conterie per poi approdare nel 1937 alla famosa vetreria Venini dove rimase fino ai primi anni '80 come uno dei maestri più importanti dell'azienda, collaborando con famosi designer tra cui Carlo Scarpa e Tapio Wirkkala . Le sue opere in filigrana sono preziosissime.
Morì nel 2004.

  • Dan Siddall
    Jun 20, 2022 at 08:11

    I am trying to find more out about this beautiful piece of glass made in 1961 and signed by Romano Tosi, the founder of the famous FRATELLI TOSI Venitian mirror making firm. I can’t find any pieces made by Romano only by other members of the family and nothing as old as this piece. It stands about 21cm high, is in excellent condition and undamaged,- if a little dusty. It’s my mothers and I need to insure it. Any ideas of rarity and value? It’s not just value, it’s also about the maker, the company website has little about him and I’m struggling to find much else- I’d also like to see other examples of his work. I found that Romano once worked in the V.A.M.S.A. glassworks, as a master-craftsman, better-known as “Mamaracio”. Great names such as Walter Furlan were apprenticed to him there in the early 50’s. All the pieces I’ve seen online have been many £££££ but none of them look anything like this more traditional style. Any help much appreciated Thanks in advance. The images can be found in my post here:

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